Tech innovation follow in 2022

Top tech innovations to follow in 2022


Technology today is progressing at an incredible race. Along with the outbreak of COVID-19 from 2020 to now, IT professionals realize that their role will not be the same again. This actually means that an IT professional this time around will constantly be learning, and relearning brand new notions. In other words, staying current with the latest technology trends would be useful to know which skills you’ll need to secure the different jobs that will be created by these new technology trends. Although, there are so many innovations and technological breakthroughs happening right now, here are the ones you need to focus on in 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Also known as AI, Artificial Intelligence was in the game decades ago. However, it is still affecting our lives now. Such science is actually known for its great effects on image and speech recognition, navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, and much more. Moreover, AI can definitely be used in other domains such as health, politics, transportation, and enhancing socially personalized experiences. Therefore, the AI market will grow to $190 billion by 2025. With AI spreading its wings in such a dynamic way, new jobs will be created in development, programming and maintenance, just to name them. Plus, AI also offers one of the highest salaries today combined with machine learning! Machine Learning is a subcategory of AI; it has also been deployed in all kinds of industries, creating 9 percent of U.S. jobs by 2025 such as:

·        Robot monitoring

·        Automation specialists

·        Content curators

·        AI Scientists

·        AI Engineer

·        Machine Learning Engineer

·        AI Architect

2. Computing power and networks

Computing has continuously been exploding over years and 2022 is not an exception. Quantum computing, the processing of information that is represented by special significant states, helps machines to handle information in a different way from old-style computers. Quantum computing will potentially give us computing power that is a million times more powerful, even more than what we get from today’s advanced supercomputers.

Also, we discussed about a better cloud infrastructure and better networks, naming the next technology trend that is 5G. Where 3G and 4G networks have enabled browsing the internet, using data-driven services, streaming on Spotify or YouTube, and much more, 5G services will revolutionize our lives! 5G is expected to be used in factories, street cameras improving safety and traffic management. Plus, most known telecom companies such as Apple, Nokia Corp, and more are already working on including 5G applications in their products. By 2024, 5G networks will cover 40% of the world, making it a technology trend you must watch out for in 2022.

3. Smarter Devices

Along with better networks and computing power, smarter devices had to be created. In 2022, smarter devices will continue exploding including the usage of intelligent home robots that can work independently to complete more tasks. We already have intelligent and autonomous cars, smart television, and much more. And it is just the beginning!

4. Datafication and digital reliance

Data is one of the keys that will enable all of these great trends. The digitization in our world today means that we have a huge number of data available and information to manage. Thus, it has become the most important business asset for every institute around the world. With an appropriate management, companies and other organizations can use an appropriate database to better fulfill customers’ needs, find key trends and get insight into what’s working or not.

Moreover, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are progressively transforming our world. Actually, these innovations go beyond Bitcoin to things like smart contracts that allow us to confirm proprietorship mainly with NFTs. In 2022, we will continue to experience more advances in these technology trends in companies and with individuals.

5. Printing and augmented reality

Also known as extended reality, augmented reality (AR) services are now effective on our devices and particularly on smartphones and tablets. This leads to a bigger push toward virtual reality or VR. This year, we'll also experience new and more portable virtual reality devices combined with smart devices. So, instead of having old-fashion headsets that require WiFi connections, we will have smarter devices and platforms that look more like glasses and that connect to our phones to give us higher virtual reality experiences.

3D printing is another subset of this virtual reality trend. Today, it has become easier to make things with 3D printing that we would have never dreamed of a decade ago. This time around too, we’ll see applications of this brand new form of printing in manufacturing and beyond, from 3D printing technological innovations such as mass-produced customized pieces, concrete for houses, printed metal, composite materials, and even more.

6. Genomics and nanotechnology

Genomics, that is gene editing combined with synthetic biology are one of the top medical technology trends of 2022 because of their great advancements. They can actually help modify crops, cure and eradicate diseases, develop new vaccines against viruses like the COVID-19 and achieve many other medical and biological breakthroughs. Also, nanotechnology will allow scientists to give materials new attributes by using them on a superior atomic level. In 2022, such technology will mainly enable us to create things like bendable screens, better batteries, self-cleaning fabrics, and even self-repairing paint, provided that everything goes well.

7. Sustainable Energy Solutions

The last but not least important trend in tech innovations this year is new energy solutions. As we tackle climate changes and stuff related to the environment, we'll also see advances in the batteries we use in cars and some means of transportation. We’ll also see innovations in nuclear power and green hydrogen that will allow us to power ships, planes, and trains and generate safe energy for the general public.


From Artificial Intelligence to the new energy solutions, here are the tech trends you need to follow in 2022. These new tech innovations are definitely going to revolutionize our lives and everyday habits. So, the earlier you get to know them, the better you’ll get advantages of them!


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