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Metaverse the future technology


The internet has always been regarded as the greatest innovation of all time, but it is not so again. imagine you being able to interact with the internet like it is your environment, this is what is called a virtual reality

Metaverse may seem like a new innovation but it's not so. it has been around for three decades now. it just got popular and that's because the CEO of Facebook social media platform recently change Facebook's name to Meta platform which is called Meta in short in October 2021

Due to these changes, there has been a lot of questions on what Metaverse is and information about it. so let's dive right into it.

Meta verse refers to a collection of virtual reality rooms where you can see, interact, talk with, etc with the universe. it is a virtual world where you can interact with those who are not in a physical space with you.

Metaverse is coined from two words, META and VERSE. META refers to them beyond the universe, while VERSE is coined from the word universe. You can think of metaverse as an internet that we go into, partake in, instead of looking at it alone. it is made up of 3D virtual space linked to a virtual universe.

Individuals represent themselves with avatars in the metaverse, so just like human beings can walk in the physical world, Avatar can also walk, interact with one another in the virtual world. metaverse offers the opportunity for users to interact with people from other planets. Lands, names, buildings, etc can be bought and sold on metaverse often using cryptocurrency. You can consider metaverse as a different digital world.

The difference between the Metaverse and the internet?


The internet is a collection of billions of computer systems, servers, and other electronic devices. on the internet, a user can connect, communicate, view, and interact with websites and also get goods and services.

The metaverse, on the other hand, is not competing with the internet instead metaverse was developed on the internet. metaverse simply imitates human daily life using technologies such as virtual reality(VR), digital currency, augmented reality(AR).

The internet is just for you to browse and view but metaverse avails you the opportunity to interact with what you are browsing, in the sense that, you are living in it like it is something physical.

37 years old, the Founder of Facebook now known as Meta spoke about how Facebook will transcend from just being a social media platform to being a metaverse company.

Facebook introduced Horizon home as the metaverse base. The earlier version of the horizon home can be experienced through a headset. To make things simpler, think of the horizon home as a virtual home where you can invite your friends from other places to relax together, watch movies together and also jump into games together.

The major focus in the Facebook metaverse is not just to observe an experience but also to be part of it. Facebook is also planning to integrate holograms that can amplify games such as chess, connects and enable you to play with your friends from another city.

Facebook now known as meta is investing $150 in virtual reality and augmented reality training, just to help learners, developers to build more skills and discover more opportunities in the metaverse.

How does the metaverse work?

The metaverse works using the internet since it is built on the internet. you would have to log in and connect it using a virtual reality headset, which is a head-mounted display. The virtual reality headset serves as the doorway or gateway to the virtual world. In the virtual space, everything people do in the physical world is imitated. 

Elements of metaverse,

1. Digital currency

2. market place/commerce

3. Nonefungible Tokens(NFTS)

4. digital humans

5. Gaming


6. digital assets

7. online shopping and lots more.

Metaverse terms to know

1. virtual world:

a virtual world is simply a non-physical environment. it is a network of a virtual environment that can be accessed by users who can explore the world through the use of an avatar. it can only come to be with the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Big online game such as Fortnite uses the virtual world to play games like they are in it for real. They are allowed o build, change, etc. virtual world can also be referred to as a synthetic world sometimes.

Virtual reality:

virtual reality is an experience that's usually provided by a virtual reality headset. The headset projects real things, sounds, images, and some other things to a user in a virtual environment. Virtual reality technology is currently used in the gaming industry. A person using the virtual reality headsets will be able to do things like he is a real-world, he can move and interact with objects in that same virtual world

2. Mixed reality;

mixed reality is the merging of the real and virtual world to bring about a new environment where interaction with physical spaces, digital spaces, and users is made possible. Unlike VR, where a user is totally in the virtual world, in Mixed reality, the user is not completely in the virtual. world and also not solely in the real world, the user is between the two worlds

Here are some. of the lists of some MR devices in the market

1. Microsoft Hololens 2

2. Magic leap 1

3. Augmented Reality

AR is a live view of a physical environment. it is similar to mixed reality. The physical environment or the real world is experienced through digital sensory stuff such as sounds, visual, sensory data, olfactory data. in other words, AR allows us to see our real environments through the screen of our phones, tabs, and other gadgets. It rests on any top of any surface without our physical world is a static background for it

a popular example of this is Snapchat filters, virtual makeup, tool apps, furniture fitting, etc.

Here are some frequently asked questions by the public on Google like 

Can you die in Metaverse virtual world?

No, we don't have to get vaccinated to go in the Metaverse since we only need to get access to the virtual world by the virtual headset technology.

Would we have to get vaccinated to go in the Metaverse?

You dying also in metaverse means you are denied access to existing in the world and that can happen, even the us president was denied access to Twitter for some times 

But I have a submission that if someone dies physically, and his data on Metaverse world have not been erased, he can have a life in that world though... In the same way, there is a hologram also.

in conclusion, while there is a lot of noise, excitement on the innovation of. metaverse, there is a need for a regulation to be put in place and a rule established to prevent abuse and misuse


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