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The new internet web 3.0 

As we already discussed before about the similar kind of technology Metaverse, Is Metaverse the end of the internet? So many ideas and concepts are coming over time, we can say web 3.0 is a concept among them. So in this article, we will present web 3.0 and its what's and How's in front of you, so let's get started

Do you know Facebook has given a 5 billion fine in 2019 because of data breach, that was a violation of users' privacy. And also YouTube and Google like giant companies have given 170 million for breaking data privacy law.

You also have seen, data privacy violation has been common and a huge issue today.Do you know the reason behind this?

Facebook, Google has been made the giant tech companies by selling their customer's data. The monopoly of these companies is the biggest problem these days. Web 3.0 is the solution to these problems.

Now we will know about the new internet web 3.0, how this works?This article is going to be so interesting, stay in this article to find everything about web 3.0.So first of all we will know about web 1.0 web 2.0.Web 1.0 web 2.0 web 3.0 ?

Web 1.0

This was the first version of the internet. At that time only static websites were there. where anyone could consume their content, but interaction and contribution were not possible, in this version of internet web 1.0.

Web 2.0

This is the current internet, that we are using now. we are using Facebook, Google, Twitter etc, all social media platforms. we are using in the form of web 2.0, where we consume content as well as contribute there. this web 2.0 is very much interactive and collaborative, but instead of this all things a huge disadvantage is there. The giant tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter controls our personal data. They use our data for their own business purpose, and created a monopoly. To destroy the monopoly of these giant companies web 3.0 comes into the picture.

Web 3.0 definition and examples

You can do everything in web 3.0 as you are doing in web 2.0, without giving your own personal data to any giant tech companies, web 3.0 is developing in a decentralized network, which means you don't need to worry about your personal data, where you can control your personal data.

How this new internet web 3.0 will be different from our current internet?

Web 3.0 is a concept, web 3.0 is not completely developed yet, but in the near future, this will definitely change the whole system of our current internet, for your understanding web 3.0 is being developed in such a way, where everyone owns it and works for everyone. Web 3.0 is a kind of democratization of the whole internet where every user will get control of their own personal information data from the giant companies.

Who invented web 3.0?

This is the specialty of this technology, web 3.0 was not invented by a single person, this technology is totally developed in an ecosystem of decentralized applications, which is DAPPs Blockchain technology. Do you know who is in the first position of the racing of blockchain technology? It is the Ethereum blockchain.

The founders of Polkadog have started a fund to support web 3.0, you can check it on

How web 3.0 will help us in different fields?

The biggest advantage of this technology is only its users own their data, not by any other companies.

There you can get full enjoyment of uninterrupted services because there is no downtime.

Transparency in web 3.0 will give you a clear idea about your personal data.

You will feel a significant change or improvement in your browsing.

Web 3.0 Applications?

Artificial intelligence, financial-related app development, 3D graphics, bank servers, some govt oriented research servers, voice assistants, etc, these are the fields where security is the topmost priority where this technology will be so useful. Cryptocurrency is a live example of web 3.0.

What are the opportunities in web 3.0?

Web 3.0 technologies will significantly change the user's experience, this will be the beyond of our today's internet, machine learning will reach another level, after using this technology. And this will help to develop a self-understanding of artificial machines.

Web 3.0 features?

One of the main features of this technology is its security and transparency about users' personal data.

Web 3.0 companies?

Companies like Binance, Coinbase, Consensys are working on blockchain technology which is another example of web 3.0.

NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a hot topic today, everyone talking about NFT, selling anything in millions of dollars, this Non Fungible Token itself a blockchain system which means it is also working in next-gen internet or web 3.0 concept.

According to Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey like many big personalities web 3.0 is a scam, this is a very early concept. Although in blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, Metaverse already started working. Full deployment of this new internet to the world, means all the power of controlling the internet will become transferred to people's hands from the huge companies like Facebook, Google, etc, but the question is that will they do this? Because this will be the reason of falling their own companies, this is like 'hit the ax on your own feet'.

It's clear, after 7 or 10 years our current internet will be changed completely, it's surely that web 3.0 is the ultimate future. But now the question is, will they give up their position? Or will they use Web 3 for their own benefit?

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