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Starlink Satellite Internet

Could Starlink be just what the doctor ordered?You might be wondering what starlink is, well sit tight as I break it down to you.

The new product developed by the private spaceflight company known as private SpaceX is just revealed in the name of Starlink. The company is going to provide internet everywhere including the remote locations where the internet is not currently available at a low cost. Starlink appears to be the internet solution needed in rural households. Before we move on, let us go back to how it has started.

Genesis of Starlink

In January 2015, the very first proposal of Sarlink was made. At the time, it was not given a name. The CEO of the company known as Elon Musk made a declaration saying that the company has just filled documents with international regulators to place about half million satellites in low Earth orbit.

Starlink is not really available worldwide for now. So it has just been limited to some areas including western regions of the U.S., some regions of Canada and U.K. and some selected areas. However, Musk made a promise telling each and every one that he believes the network will be available worldwide by 2022.

What is so special about Starlink?

Fact: fiber optic internet service will be faster than Starlink.

Now, question, why should I go for starlink? Well, deep down we are all craving to surf without any bug. Starlink could be a solution for those rural areas, where internet connection is too poor or somewhere internet not even available. Even though satellite internet already exist, this network is a new type satellite technology that uses low orbit satellite. Thanks to its low latency, thousands of rural households will not be left behind and will be able to access everything in real-time. Starlink is one of the company which provides the highest satellite internet speed, among the others company providing satellite internet at present. But at the same time it might possible that satellite internet could lost its connectivity for a minimal time. Anyway, nothing is here to worry about it. The company is improving its performance day by day to address this.

CNETs John Kim signed up for this new service at his home in California. But recently he expanded it and began to test it into different environment. It has been reported that when he is at home, the average download speeds around 78Mbps.

What might be the downsides?

It is crystal clear for everyone that Starlink is coming on stage with so much promises but there is something that might prevent people from adopting it fully. First, 99$ will be the cost for one month,that they will charge. Even if compared to other satellite companies, it sounds more affordable, it will still prevent certain people from adopting it fully.

Another issue might be the weather disturbances. Even though this is likely to be inevitable, starlink is somewhat subjected to be affected by bad weather just like other satellite companies.

Here is starlink’s advice for you “We recommend installing Starlink in a location that avoids snow build-up and other obstructions from blocking the field of view. Heavy rain or wind can also affect your satellite internet connection, potentially leading to slower speeds or a rare outage,”

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