Russia vs Ukraine military official comparison table 2022 | Russia vs Ukraine war 2022

Russia vs Ukraine military official comparison 2022


24t February Russia started invading Ukraine, this is a full-fledged war between Russia and Ukraine. Although Russia is a huge country with its words best military forces, Ukraine will not bow its head in front of Russia. 

Since this is a technological Info's and facts site, here we will compare a little about the military technologies, equipments and their armed forces, etc between Russia and Ukraine.

Both Russia and Ukraine are the part of former USSR Soviet Union. Starting comparison with their Budget on Defence 
Russia $62 Billion Ukraine $6 Billion

Comparison Between Russia and Ukraine Army 

Army Ukraine Russia
Active Personnel 200,000 850,000
Reserve Personnel 250,000 450,000
Combat Tank 2,670 21,950
Armoured Vehicles 12,300 51,450
Armoured personnel carrier 4,740 9,931
Armored Cars 10,160 27,670
MRAP 4,760 10,209
Rocket Projectors 550 4,030
Total Artillery 3,107 11,232

Comparison Between Russia and Ukraine Air force

Air Force Ukraine Russia
Total Aircrafts 322 4,206
Fighter Aircrafts 76 946
Attack Aircrafts 29 1,496
Trainers Aircrafts 83 516
Total Helicopters 142 1,573
Attack Helicopters 34 649
Transports Aircrafts 37 471
Awacs Aircrafts 0 41
Electronic Warfare 0 7
Tanker Aircrafts 0 19
Strategic Bombers 0 135

Comparison Between Russia and Ukraine Navy

Navy Ukraine Russia
Fleet Strength 38 623
Aircraft Carriers 0 1
Destroyers 0 18
Frigates 1 13
Corvettes 1 86
Submarine 0 70
Nuclear Weapons 0 6,500


We Infofacts do not support war or violence in anyway, we are on the path of peace. We pray, may God completely stop the war and violence going on currently in the world.

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