OMICRON The How's Of The Virus | Things You Should Know About Omicron Variant


Most frequent question in existence today. Something that had really driven us all out of our minds. Quarantining, sitting at home and doing nothing phase. We’ve all fought the pandemic war!

BUT HEY! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the mechanism of such a microscopic living or rather 'NON LIVING' as viruses are termed, creature that had the ability of rewiring the apex of all species? Then keep on reading.

The question we are mulling over today is,

How do viruses work?

Let’s go back to its roots. The mother superior herself 'CORONA VIRUS!’Would you be surprised if I say this virus has been in existence for years already? Medical textbooks have this virus's name registered way before its first registered case? But the havoc that it created was really something out of the blue for scientists all around the globe.

But why are viruses so hard to get rid off?

You wouldn't be surprised, when I say classical medical treatments like Antibiotics don’t have an effect on them.

Bacteria Cell

Lets wear our lab coats and get a ill deeper into this. Every animal cell is surrounded by a protein membrane as its outer covering. This membrane separates its very valuable matrix or its nutrients from the environment. Bacteria on the other hand have a cell wall in addition to this membrane. Antibiotics target this cell wall-perforating it, thus killing the bacteria.

Viruses on the other hand don’t have this cell wall. They possess a similar proteinaceous membrane to

animal cells, thus making it nearly impossible for antibiotics to recognize and differentiate them from self cells. Hence difficult to get rid of.

You think this quality was unique? Wait until you hear more.

Viruses, thanks to their inconspicuous size, have a very fast mutating rate. Thus, all these different siblings, Corona, Delta, Omicron, etc.

Now let’s get back to how does virus actually works?

It works on the principle of 'The Headquarter Hijack System’. The headquarters of our cell is our DNA.Yes yes! The very reason why your gf is similarly annoying to her mum. It’s due to the generational 'ANNOY MEN' gene. The list of such characters could go on.

Well! Back to our DNA!

What this virus essentially does, is it transfers its DNA into our cell through receptors on our cells and incorporates a piece of its DNA into ours through enzymes. Thus, whenever our DNA multiplies it's

actually giving rise to several copies of viral DNA. This DNA then forms a protein coat around itself within the infected cell, burst open the cell and continues to infect new ones. This is termed as the 'Vicious Infection Cycle’. The infected cell is now essentially a 'Virus Factory'.

In the case of respiratory viruses like corona or omicron, these cells are our lung cells.When the virus is transmitted to our throat membranes and then to our lungs through Aeral- more specifically droplet infection, their receptors bind to our lung-cells,trying to hijack its machinery.

In response to this our immune system starts an involuntary 'Inflammatory-Reaction Cycle' resulting

into releasing fluids like mucous onto the infected cell in an attempt to neutralize this foreign particle.This inflammation causes wheezing, inefficiency in transporting the vital oxygen and removing the very harmful carbon-dioxide, Pneumonia, Heart failure, ultimately leading to severe complications and death! Hence the name 'The Deadly Virus'.

You would also be surprised to know that most difficult to treat or rather incurable diseases are viral diseases. But don't worry,

                   'One breath at a time

                   One moment at a time'

That should be our mantra for this pandemic. 


Hey! Would you also want to know how HIV virus causing the unfortunately incurable AIDS disease work?

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