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Nano diamond battery


A California-based company NDB developed a Nano Diamond Battery using nuclear waste, which can survive up to 28000 years, we need to be reborn in the earth 400 times to completely discharge this battery. Stay on this article, we will discuss more on this nuclear battery.

What problems are there with this battery? How does it work? And How this is possible? 

Generally, there is a lot of dependence on devices powered with batteries in modern life, this includes telecommunication, transportation, etc. The sources available have different disadvantages making them not so effective, disadvantages like pollution which leads to global warming, this is because conventional batteries release carbon dioxide as a waste product into the atmosphere And also another main issue is the short life span of a conventional battery. No one likes to keep changing the battery every time.

Due to the increase and demand for efficient cost-effective batteries and batteries that don't cause global warming or pollution, so many people start looking for ways to utilize nuclear waste to produce a battery that can run for many years without changing it now and then also with less harmful byproducts.

The Nano diamond battery(NDB) is invented by a Californian company called NDB. Their major focus is to recycle nuclear waste into something good, their major focus is to get radioactive isotopes.

This is a nuclear battery because this is made with nuclear waste. Although the energy of radioactive material is gone, its radiation continues for thousands of years. Just like, after the Chernobyl disaster there is still the effect of radioactivity. So, in this nuclear battery radioactive rays are the source of energy. 

Nano diamond battery is a high-power diamond-based radioactive battery that can provide long-lasting energy for numerous applications other than lithium íon batteries, gasoline, etc.

The process of making the Nano diamond battery is chemical vapor deposition. Diamond is used because it is the hardest, a radioactive source, and most importantly a semiconductor.

NDB acts like a tiny nuclear generator. An intermediate and high-level radioisotope gives power to the battery, the radioisotope having with multi-layer of artificial diamond synthetic.

How does this work and bring electricity?

Nano diamond battery or betavoltaic battery works and gives electricity as long as they are in the radioactive field where they are receiving beta rays from radioactive isotopes such as carbon 14 and nickel 63. The longevity of the nano diamond battery is due to the radioactive element's half-life.

Major components of Nano diamond battery

Radioactive carbon core, which is made from nuclear waste, multiple layers of cheap and artificial diamonds, surrounds the core, making it safe for usage and also preventing radioactive leakage.

What happens in this Nuclear Battery system?

This battery needs one radioactive element like strontium 90 and one semiconductor like silicon. And then these two elements are placed side by side with a small gap. Radioactive elements decay with time and radiate beta rays, this beta rays include electrons. When this ray goes through the semiconductors, this changes the radioactive rays into electricity. This process is called the Beta Voltic concept, the same as solar panels create electricity from sunlight.

Well, Beta ray is harmful to our body. It can damage body cells, if it comes into contact with the body, that's why an aluminum coating is done inside the battery cage. since the Beta rays can not cross aluminum. So we can say this battery is safe for us, this will not cause any harmful effect on the human body.

Now we need an element that transmits Beta rays as radiation, cause beta rays contain electrons and electrons make electricity. Nickel 63, Plutonium 238, Strontium 90 are examples of that type of radioactive element. Apart from this the nuclear waste which stays behind in the nuclear power plant is a more radioactive element. 


1. The use of the Nano diamond battery will reduce the danger posed to the environment by fuel, and voltaic batteries. Dangers like global warming.

2. The Nano diamond battery can be used to power our devices, satellites, power station without charging the battery unlike voltaic and lithium-ion batteries, which needs replacement frequently.

3. Nano diamond battery is extremely strong since it's is made up of artificial diamond gotten from graphite, so it cannot be broken easily

4. Nanodiamond batteries will be cheaper than lithium-ion batteries or other batteries since they recycle nuclear waste to make them.

5. The nanodiamond battery is completely biodegradable so they don't pose any threat to nature or the environment.


The NDB technology can be applied in so many ways

Although, this is not a new technology. We didn't have any right way to develop this technology, just like in previous days company used to make pacemakers using the nuclear battery. The pacemaker is a device used to insert in a patient's chest for controlling patients' regular heartbeats. But it is not possible to reinstallation, again and again, a new battery inside the chest by surgery. That's why we needed a battery which can supply energy for a long time. Here comes the nuclear battery into works.

Since the nuclear battery is radioactive and long-lasting that's why it became a problem for our environment after patients' death. So the company started making peacemakers with the lithium-ion battery.

Nasa has recently used a Plutonium 230 nuclear battery for a mission in Mars rover, which will supply energy to the rover for 14 years. That means, we can use these batteries only there, where a long-term power supply is needed or we can't afford to change the battery again and again.

It is important to know that the company has not produced the battery yet, but a proof of concept design called "Diamond nuclear voltaic" which uses waste graphite blocks were presented in 2016 by scientists from the University of Bristol.

Conclusively, the radioactive nano diamond battery which is powered by radioactive nuclear waste can run for 28,000 years without replacement which shows an advantage over the lithium-ion batteries.

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