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LiFi Technology

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LiFi technology, we’ve recently discussed the great progress made in terms of cellular technology. While WiFi runs our lives along with 3G and 4G, a brand new network technology joined the race which is 5G. But the latter needs to be sustained by a superior, wireless optical networking system to reach its full potential. There comes LiFi, another type of wireless connection faster than WiFi. The technology is already being developed by some organizations around the world. Here is what you need to know about lifi technology.

What is LiFi Technology?

Also known as Light Fidelity, LiFi is a light-based wireless mobile technology. Supported by a whole ecosystem of companies, it has first been revealed a decade ago. Contrary to WiFi which uses radio frequencies, LiFi transmits internet communications using light waves, making it faster. In fact, LiFi can spread data at multiple gigabits while being secure and virtually reliable. The technology then becomes the right solution to solving the challenges of the 5G core.

How does LiFi work?

As mentioned above, LiFi is known as a Visible Light Communications system that transmits data at light’s speed. The technology is designed, so as to make a LED light, to produce and send a number of pulses of light (Lifi beam) that are invisible to the eye. Those pulses, once received by LiFi-enabled devices, are then going to be interpreted and converted into electronic data streams.LiFi is somehow the world’s fastest optical networking system because its transmission speed can reach 224 gigabits!

Lifi and wifi | Lifi wifi which is better?

Although Lifi and wifi two are sounds like similar words, but the working of them totally different, wifi works on radio frequency and Lifi works on light pulse emission, Lifi is faster than a typical wifi technology, and also the power consumption and lifi cost is too less than wifi.

Some facts about lifi technology

The best thing about this lifi technology is its Faster data transfer speed, it is cheaper than wifi, signal transmission without any interruptions, Lifi does not interrupt in the radio spectrum.  

lifi internet speed | lifi speed

in the current stage wifi speed varies between 10 to 300 Mbps, lifi speed highly fluctuates according to some studies. Naturally, data transfer rate of lifi or lifi internet speed is 10Gbps, but it can achieve 224 Gbps experimented in some studies.

What should be its applications?

LiFi technology may change our perception and the way we do certain things. The technology is actually going to offer great opportunities and wireless solutions in domains such as smart housing, communications, transport, industry. It has currently been tested in the aeronautical industry to integrate solutions as far as commercial aircraft is concerned. Some spaces that can also take advantage of LiFi technology include airports, city streets, hospitals and more. 

How can LiFi make life easier?

LiFi is the key to overcoming the challenges and problems faced by previous network technologies. Pretty surely, you have once encountered interference and security problems on the internet; and that’s exactly what LiFi tends to solve. The technology signals make it easier to deliver numerous Gbps speeds in devices, interference and saturation free. It also helps to enhance reliability on the internet, making communications more secure. LiFi technology offers low latency as well, which can actually enable innovation, automation in such a dynamic way!


With the implementation of LiFi technology, we might be entering a brand new era. The technology will actually be the solution to the obsolescence of some wireless networks. But there is still a long way to go; looking forward to seeing light connecting devices to the internet!

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