World's first Dual Mode Vehicle in Japan | Bus or train ?

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World's first Dual Mode Vehicle in Japan

World’s most innovative country Japan has developed o vehicle which can run on road and rail track both, by just clicking a switch it can change itself running mode. It can transform from Bus to train and train to a bus in just 15 seconds. This feature-oriented vehicle is named Dual Mode Vehicle or DMV, which is the first Dual Mode Vehicle or DMV in the world.

Bus or train?

This Dual Mode Vehicle has just started on 25th December 2021 at Tokushima in Shikoku, Japan. Outer looks of this Dual Mode Vehicle is like a regular minibus while running on the road it uses its rubber wheel but when it reaches the railway station, rubber wheel get disengaged and the set of steel rail wheel comes out from its bottom and engaged with the track. This is how it transforms.

Working of  Dual Mode Vehicle or DMV

On a regular rode Dual Mode Vehicle can run up to 100kmph and on the railway track, it can run up to 60kmph speed. This vehicle can take 20 passengers at a time.

In 2002 a company JR Hokkaido started a research project about this Dual Mode Vehicle and after 13 years in 2015, they got success. But unfortunately, due to their financial crisis, they canceled their project, and then a company, Asa Coast Railway acquired this project from JR Hokkaido. At present all Dual Mode Vehicles which are running are under Asa Coast Railway.

Rail transportation started between Tokushima and Kochi in Japan in 1992. Due to reducement in the population of this area, the number of passengers decreased and the number of passengers become on an average 4, so the company Asa Coast Railway got a huge loss, Then Asa Coast Railway has taken the lease of Dual Mode Vehicles from JR Hokkaido company and started their experimental trial after the trial got the success they opened Dual Mode Vehicle for peoples.

From now if they get fewer passengers in trains they do not need to count losses, they are expecting that for riding this new vehicle travelers might be increased in this area. Anyone can explore Japan riding Dual Mode Vehicles. This vehicle will be more useful for the elders of Japan expecting by authorities.

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