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Wireless power transmission technology

Electric instruments or Electric lamp will light without any wiring connection. This is like a sci-fi story but this has been possible in reality, wireless electricity connection like wifi is coming soon, wireless electricity transfer technology is completely secure, this wireless electricity transfer technology will work using a special type of machine like how a wifi router provides internet connectivity wirelessly.

An American company WiTricity made this impossible to possible, WiTricity started their journey from the worlds No1 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). A team of physics professors’ discovered a groundbreaking method of electricity transfer technology, with this method electricity can be transferred to anywhere without any electric wire.

WiTricity basically working by using wireless resonance technology. With this technology instead of transmitting electricity in the air they are transferring electricity by making a magnetic field.

Wireless electricity transfer will be as easier as wireless internet connection we are using today. If everything goes in a planed way then charging mobile phone inside the pocket will be possible, no need of a charger to charging a laptop or no need of wire for the TV. According to the officials of WiTricity, wireless electricity will be circulated publically for domestic purposes like present days wifi network, apart from this technology will helpful for making new types of medical instruments.

Wireless charging for cars & smartphones

Usually a common thought we all have that a Smartphone takes lots of time to be charged wirelessly, but using this new wireless electricity transfer technology a Smartphone will take same time as the wired charging time.

Charger of an electric powered vehicle is so complicated and heavy weight and also many people forgot to charge their car every day, WiTricity could be a great solution for them, this wireless charging technology will come into work for this electric powered vehicles, because car will automatically charge while parking at the garage using this technology.

Image Source - Google | Image by -Kiranmai Momidi

According to WiTricity CEO If wireless charging is readily available, many people will be interested in buying electric vehicle. The company is currently working together with many electric vehicles manufacturing company. In the near future if the wireless charging technology freely available everywhere then the cars will automatically find the charging station to charge itself, then the owner of the car will not have to worry any more.Populer electric car Tesla model 3 already successfully tested this new wireless charging technology.

Nikola Tesla wireless power transmission

Although this wireless electricity transfer technology seems like new but Sir Nikola Tesla worked with this technology almost hundred years before, Scientist Nikola Tesla wanted to distribute wireless electricity freely to everyone. The purpose of this project a 57 meter height tower was made at New York’s Shoreham in 1901 named Wardenclyffe tower. Nikola Tesla’s plan was to make more smaller towers like Wardenclyffe around the world which could transfer electricity to everyone.

If Nikola Tesla’s plan was successfully executed then we could have been get free wireless electricity today. 


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