Kim Jong-un Banned Laughing at North Korea

North Korea is already known for their strange rules and regulations. Recently in North Korea Laughing was banned in their country. This rule was started by Kim Jong-Un for the pride of the highest leader of North Korea Kim Jon-il.North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un is the son of Kim Jon-il. In 2011 17th December Kim Jon-il has died. For the completion of 10 years of death anniversary of Kim Jong-il it was exhibition for the whole country.

From the death anniversary of Kim Jong-il next 10 days in their country there was several things were forbidden like

* Shopping

* Drinking

* Celebration of Birthday

* Laughing etc.

Even during this 10 day mourning for family was also forbidden. If anyone died no one can cry loudly. Even it was forbidden to take dead body outside of home during those 10 days. And the most important thing was that during those 10 days laughing is completely prohibited. There was a strict punishment system for disobeying the rules and regulations. In past also for disobeying the prohibitions many people were arrested some peoples of them are still missing.

Kim Jong-il was the second ruler of North Korea, He ruled North Korea for long 17 years, after death of Kim Jon-il news was not published for 2 days. His son Kim Jong-Un is very much expert to publishing new new strange rules. Like wearing jeans, stylish hair cut, piercing the ears was already prohibited in North Korea. No one is present inside the country who can criticism on Kim Jong-Un, Even if in internationally someone criticism on Kim Jong-Un, then also Kim Jong-Un responses on them. In a movie named "The Interview" Kim Jong-Un was been trolled in several ways, to protest of that the North Korean Cyber army did the worst cyber attack in history on Sony Pictures.

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