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Flying car

Image Source - Klein-Vision | Image by - Klein-Vision

Craze of flying cars or flying taxies are increasing day by day. At this era as technology is growing our demand is also increasing, if we talk about flying cars then we definitely expect that a car which can fly also.

There are too many benefits of this flying cars as well as some difficulty also there. Designing a structure of a flying car or flying taxies which will be eligible for commercialized is too much difficult, maintaining its safety is too difficult job for the engineers.

Some companies like Klein Vision,Airbus,Joby Aviation,Lilium etc are trying to make commercial flying cars and flying taxies, some of them tested successfully their vehicle model and trying to commercialize.

Klein Vision Flying Car

Klein Vision Flying Car got certified by Slovak Transport Authority after successful testing of a flying car. After 3 day of completing 70 hrs of flight and 200 times successfully landing and takeoff they got that certificate. In the year 2021 June Klein Vision Flying Car completed a flight between Nitra to Bratislava in Slovakia. The company said in news released on Monday that the test flights were taken with European Aviation Safety Agency standards.

Image Source - Klein-Vision | Image by - Klein-Vision

Basically, the Flying Car is a dual mode vehicle which can run on the road and fly in sky also.

This Flying Car can go more than 100mph and altitude 8000 ft.

The engine of this Flying Car is made by BMW.

This Flying Car can transform itself from car to an aircraft or aircraft to a car in just 15 seconds.

To fly this Flying Car must need a pilot's license.

In an interview Klein Vision Company reveled in press that they are going to plans a fly from Paris to London in the near future.

As we discussed earlier many companies are working with their planning about Flying Taxi services, in 2020 December Uber sold their Flying Taxi service to Joby Aviation. This will be helpful for Joby Aviation, this deal will allow Joby Aviation to use User's app and offer Air Taxi rides, which could happen in the near 2023.

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