Artificial sun successfully tested by china

Artificial sun successfully tested by china

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Around 14 billion years ago our universe was created which is called as Big Bang by scientist, so many galaxies and stars were made, and our sun is one of them.

Till now Earth is the only planet where life exists although research is still continuing on existence of life in different planets. There are many researches and experiments having everyday about how our solar system works? How universe was made? China’s Artificial Sun is an experiment among them. Today in this article we will discuss about China’s Artificial Sun.

But before starting the topic, we need to have an idea about our sun, how our sun works? How sun produces that much heat? Let’s start.

Basically, in our sun there are some nuclear reactions are happening due to which a huge amount of heat continuously producing, Nuclear reactions are called Nuclear fission and Nuclear fusion. So let’s have some idea about Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion,

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fission is a nuclear reaction process where a heavy nucleus of an atom is splits into two or more smaller nuclear atoms. During this reaction huge amount of energy releases which is used in the nuclear power plants. Although fission is an easy process but a huge amount of nuclear waste releases from this process. To know more about Nuclear Fission Click here.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion is a nuclear reaction process opposite to Nuclear Fission process, in this process two or more smaller atoms combined together and makes a heavy atom. During this process a huge amount of energy (More than Nuclear Fission process) releases in the form of heat.  The main energy source of our sun is this Nuclear Fusion process where two hydrogen atoms fuses together and makes a Helium atom, from where the huge amount of heat energy releases. To know more about Nuclear Fusion Click here.

An experiment has done by China and created an artificial sun with Experimental Advance Superconducting Tokamak or EAST fusion reactor. Core of the sun is around 15 million degree celsius which basically comes from the Nuclear Fusion process, here in this experimental artificial sun by China has achieved 120 million degree celsius temperature which is 8 times more than our natural sun.

You will be surprise to know that, a similar kind of experiment is going to be happening in France which is International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, where India is also a member of this program.

How EAST works ?

EAST is an advance nuclear fusion machine which is located in the Institute of Plasma Physics of Chinese Academy of Science. This machine actually replicates the original nuclear fusion process happening on our sun. EAST Tokamak has been operational since 2006. From then EAST Tokamak has set different records. Before knowing working of EAST, we need to know about Tokamak.

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Tokamak is a device which can harness thermonuclear fusion power in a controlled way. It is a magnet confinement reactor created by USSR (Present Russia) in 1960s.

EAST Tokamak is the part of ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) which will be the world’s largest reactor operational expected by 2035.

EAST works by creating a huge magnetic field which forces the particles to accelerate into the centre of the Tokamak during this process multiple particles combined together and releases huge amount of energy.

Why High Temperature is important ?

To make a fusion process happen extreme pressure and very high temperature is must needed, around 150 million degree celsius temperature needed for heating up plasma and conduct a nuclear fusion process. To hold this heated plasma more time we must need more heat. As we don’t have the huge gravity like sun, so the only option is heat, artificial sun must need to be more heated from our natural sun.

Future of Nuclear Fusion Technology.   

As we know Nuclear Fusion is the clean source of energy, we can get a very huge amount of fresh energy from this technology. To prevent global worming, energy extraction from Nuclear Fusion can be great step for the future, the global governments are already investing in this technology, more research and experiments are already running. 

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