Japan developed an Anti-Aging vaccine

Aging is like a disease which we got after birth, after birth age increases day by day and a time comes when everyone get old, to stop this aging disease Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has some investment for research purpose, so that they can make a vaccine which can stop this disease or at least it can slow the aging process, According to scientist Aging is a disease, the cells which are responsible for that is called “ZOMBIE CELL” or senescent cell.

Now finally researchers from Juntendo University, Tokyo have developed an Anti-Aging vaccine. First test of this vaccine is done on rats the result comes from this test is really unbelievable for them, in some rats it is founded that Anti-Aging problem totally stop and some cases the process become slow.

How this senescent cell works ?

We will know the working of this senescent cell by an example, if you put a rotten potato in basket of fresh potato then the fresh potatoes will become rot. This senescent cell is working like this, this cell infects its surrounding cells and multiplies as we are getting old, that’s why our looks become older, This cell not die naturally but with vaccine this cell can be killed or the multiplication rate can be slowdown.

Here the researchers of Japan has made a peptide vaccine which is based on amino acid which stops the senescent cell from multiply or getting divide, in some rats where senescent cell were less this vaccine has totally finished all the cells, and the older rats where this number of senescent cells were much more has become slowdown their multiplication rate as compare to other older rats after using this vaccine. As we getting older our immune system is become weaker. also a worst point of getting older that our recovery rate is become slow with become older.

It is expected that an a Anti-Aging vaccine that can be properly used in the human body will take 25 years to be developed. 

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