Is Metaverse the end of the internet ?

Metaverse the end of the internet

Now a days in the world the most discussed topic is Metaverse, recently Facebook has changed its name to Meta because their future plan is about Metaverse technology, with this Metaverse technology the science fiction will come into reality, if Metaverse project successfully implemented then our world will be completely changed. Today in this article we will discuss about Metaverse.

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has changed Facebook’s name to Meta Platforms Incorporated in short Meta. The word Meta first used in the year of 1992. After so many days of using internet the scifi institutions are thinking about Metaverse.

 Now the question is what is Metaverse ?

For your understanding let’s think that Metaverse is the place where you can breathe in the internet, using this technology you can enter into the 3D universe of the internet instead of looking into your Smartphone screen you can go inside of your Smartphone. Basically, this is a virtual world where anyone can meet virtually to others and also can work together. For using this technology, you just need a virtual reality headset or augmented reality glass. According to Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse is the successor of our current internet.

What we can do in Metaverse ?

The biggest change will come in the social interactions and in the online shopping not only that by using only a glass and earphone anyone can go into a different universe.

Some primary idea presented by Mark Zuckerberg at the time presentation of Metaverse


·       Presence

·       Avatars

·       Home Space

·       Virtual Goods

·       Natural Interfaces

·       Interoperability

·       Teleporting

·       Privacy and Safety


According to Zuckerberg in the next 5 to 10 years, most of the things in today’s internet will come into the Metaverse. In the Metaverse social interaction that people can interact with others Facebook is developing a completely new social media named ‘HORIZON’. Here meeting with friends is not just bounded in the tag instead of that you will find everyone virtually around yourself real time.

Some features of HOROZON

·        Horizon Home

Horizon Home which is your virtual home, where you can invite your friends.

·        Horizon World

Where you can meet anyone and can make new things.

·        Horizon Workrooms

This place is only for work, this place will work as a future office.


So many things will be changed into another level in the Metaverse like

 Virtual travelling, Facebook Messenger Calling with VR, Playing Games, 3D Shopping, etc

So that’s what for this article hope you all like it, leave a comment for your valuable suggestions so that i can improve my writing.


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