Human will be sent to the Mars in 2024 said by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk got the title 'Person of the Year 2021'. In this interview Elon Musk said we will send humans to the mars in upcoming 5 years, colonizing mars with establishing solar power technology for the fulfillment of power demands. Hearing these talks are quite interesting but how much truth is there that he can do this in the upcoming 5 years. 

When we talk about mars the weather of mars is extreme, the average temperature of the mars is -81F and in the winter temperature down to the -220F, in the summer the temperature rises up to 70F, if we compare it to the earth then we find the coldest temperature on the earth at Antarctica is -128F. He is talking about the self-sustaining city which is powered by solar energy, how much truth in his statement a space policy expert Mr. Autry has explained that,

 He said, without taking help from Nasa SpaceX cannot send humans to Mars in the next 5 years. If they take help then also it will take at least 2030 to send humans to Mars. After all that has not happened till now if they are going to do this then this will nothing but a suicide mission for the astronauts. 

Because where the astronauts are going anything can be happened there, someone may be lost his life that risky that first missions are, although SpaceX does not have any strong master plan that they can send humans to Mars, colonization mars can take more than 50 to 60 year or more.

·          Air pressure of mars is 600pa as compared to the earth is just .6%, no human body can survive there, human lungs will explode within a minute due to the low air pressure outside.

·         Colonization of mars is not so easy by sending humans there repeatedly, because due to Mars’s gravity reproduction is not possible for now.

So the talks are grooming around that the human gonna sent to the mars within upcoming 5 years is just a talk in the air, for now, definitely, it gonna happen but not in the upcoming 5 years but for the next 2030 to 2050 according to experts.

But in the end, we all know Elon Musk a creative human who can do extraordinary things which no one did before, so obviously, he can do it but obviously, there always be a high risk for the astronauts, let’s hope for the best because at the end of the day what gonna happen, happen for the humanity.

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