How Artificial Meat is made | Artificial Meat by carbon dioxide CO2

To fulfill human’s food demand everyday around 150Million animals are killed, if we calculate this number it is around 55000Million animals are killed every year, to reduce this much animal killing a different type of artificially created meat has made which is called 'Cultured Meat'. Today's in this topic we will discuss about Cultured Meat, how it's made in the research lab?

Firstly, some cell samples were taken from the body of the chicken due to this chicken does not get injured, then a cell line is made from the collected cell samples, scientific name of the process of making cell line is called Tissue Culture.

Slowly this cell line becomes a piece of meat by multiplying of cells, pieces of meats looks like real bone less chicken and it's color, smell and taste is also similar like real chicken. This technology is not just used for making chicken but also Pork, Beef and some type of fishes are making through this 'Cultured Meat' process.

This type of meats has all important nutrition without harmful fat. Original meat in a animal body get shaped by the combination of fats, bones, tissues but in the lab Meat the thing is totally different, because there is no bone in the lab Meat so the companies are giving shape to the meat as they want. Someone gives the shape of the meat by folding tissues and others uses casting to shape meats.

 Lab meat will change the world food scenario, but this type of experiment is not the first time, First Tissue Culture happened with the sample of chickens heart tissue in year of 1912, but an idea of making meat as food comes from a treatment of medical science, after heart attack to rebuild the muscle of the heart stem cell make passes inside the heart which helps to re growth the damaged heart cells.

Till now days only a few peoples got the taste of this Artificial Lab Meat, most of them said that after consuming this meat there is no way to tell the differences between Lab Meat and the original meat. Singapore is the first country who nationally recognized Lab Meat as a food, There restaurant serves this Lab Meat.

Investors around the world are very much interested in this technology, already developed countries are using this technology for making Artificial Meat to fulfill their food demand, One other most important thing is , to fulfill worlds Meat demand large amount of greenhouse gas produces, instead of that for making real meat too much money, water, fuel, animal food, and lands are getting wasted and also we are just using animals as a machine of making Meat, Daily around 25 Million chickens are killed for the different fast food shops.

A California-based start-up company talking about making Artificial Meat by carbon dioxide CO2 present in the air, with the help of some bacteria. They are actually trying to make a meat-type protein with the help of bacteria with carbon dioxide CO2, oxygen O2, mineral, water, nitrogen mixture. Which acid profile will be the same as natural meat according to them.

There are some challenges to ensure the quality of Tissue Cultured Meat, firstly we need a correct quality scale system, a regulatory law has made about this in Singapore in the year of 2019.

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