Can we say James Webb a Time Machine ?

 The most expensive project in the history of Space Exploration is the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This will help us to see our universe as it was shortly after the Big Bang. This will discover new and amazing things in the universe, and it will try to find life far away from our galaxy on different planets. We will confirm whether we humans are alone in that universe or some Aliens exist somewhere like us. Today in this article we will see the achievements of space exploration and what can do James Webb Space Telescope for us what amazing things can be discovered in the future by the James Webb.

James Webb Space Telescope is named by the name of NASA’s second administrator JAMES EDWIN WEBB, who has a great contribution to the Apollo moon mission, James Webb is the largest and most complicated space telescope ever launched to space which is more dexterous than Hubble Telescope.

Hubble Space Telescope works on

·         Near Ultraviolet

·         Visible

·         Near Infrared

But James Webb Space Telescope optimized for Mid Infrared wavelength After launch Hubble created some mystery in our mind to solve that mysteries we were needed a much more powerful telescope than Hubble, James Webb is 100x more powerful than Hubble. The mission duration of this telescope will be 10 years.

After being placed at the L2 point it will take 6 months to synchronize itself, according to the scientists it can see 13 billion years past of the universe. The primary aim of the telescope is to study the stars and the galaxies which are made just after the Big Bang so we can get much more knowledge about the early universe, James Webb has the ability to see our nearby planets galaxies, and stars, James Web will study them by observing the infrared radiation emitted from them. Who knows if it will get an earth-like planet where the possibility of life is 100%? It can detect the starlight that passes through the planet's atmosphere and studying them it can say the presents of water, gas molecules present in the atmosphere, etc.

Till date what we know about space James Webb will help us to know more and detail study about them, we will come to know the mystery of the formation of our universe, Theory which is related to the formation of our universe will be more clear to us.

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